Welcome to Utils2devops documentation!

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Infrastructure As Code

Utils2devops is a package that contain python 3 functions and class that can be helpfull in the all working day. Any help for develop, test, validate, documentation are welcome!

TAKE CARE THIS LIBRARY AND THE TOOLS will do what ever you ask to do, even for destroy image, network, container, …

One of my main principles is not to reinvent the wheel, and if someone has already created a function, a class and sharing it, and if I like its implementation, I will use this function / class and say a big thank you to this person in all respect of the Copyright and the Licence. This library is in development and the folder structure will change certainly

We will use

- `AWS Tools`_
- `GPC tools`_
- `Docker`_
- `Traefik`_
- `Portainer`_
- `Terraform`_
- ...

To develop or improve this library you can run it with the env DEBUG_OR_IMPROVE

Something disturb you in the code? Don’t hesitate to open a an issue and contribute.

WORK IN PROGESS… Online documentation is here on Readthedoc Online source code available on Github